Rewind the rules of the ordinary, pause and embrace a vision of possibilities, express your playful nature, and have the freedom to be your authentic self. Fast forward to a world of imagination in colour, shape, and style – anytime and anywhere… just PLAY – the eyewear collection for the individual you!

As we play, we embrace individualism and distinguish ourselves based on our interests, characteristics, and eccentricities. As part of the culture of individualism, the PLAY eyewear collection celebrates individual artistic freedom of expression.

It is by embracing our uniqueness that PLAY was designed to celebrate each individual. Our PLAY eyewear collection is designed exclusively for individuals with exquisite facial traits that distinguish their individuality.

It is the essence and unchanging nature of “PLAY” that allows us to let go and reveal our genuine authentic selves, where we can embrace the freedom to express ourselves and live a life full of creativity. This is at the heart of our PLAY eyewear collection’s ideology.

Our PLAY eyewear frames with their flattering silhouettes and bright colours are available from eye sizes 46 to 51 specifically designed for people seeking eyewear that is properly fitted to their smaller facial features, as well as their personality and styles.

Add some colour to your life
with our one-of-a-kind PLAY
eyewear collection!

Whether you’re on fast forward while exercising, pausing after a hard day, or unwinding and chilling on the weekend. Playing allows you to be your authentic self.

Our PLAY eyewear collection is sophisticated enough for the workplace yet casual enough to wear anytime, anywhere. You can dress them up for the club or wear them for your big business zoom meeting either way our PLAY eyewear collection empowers you to be yourself.

Wade Miller created the PLAY eyewear collection with the greatest respect for materials and the mastery of versatile know-how, each model is unique with the perfect balance between shape, colour, and style. The result is brightly-coloured, one-of-a-kind comfortable wearing glasses ideal for petite facial features. The collection includes both acetate and metal frames for all genders.

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