Warranty Returns Policy

Dear Customer

Herewith are the guidelines of our warranty returns policy. Please could you ensure that you and your team familiarize yourself with these guidelines so that credits can be processed quickly and effectively?


  • All merchandise carries a warranty against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1 year from date of sale to the practice (NOT from date of sale to the Patient).

  • We will decide whether you have a valid claim or not and reserve the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment. We too reserve the right to repair a frame before we replace it.

  • Damaged items by customer/patient/lab misuse, abuse or neglect will not be credited.

Warranty Returns Procedure

  • Relevant sales invoice to the practice must be provided with all warranty returns.

  • Goods will be assessed by us, then repaired or replaced accordingly.

  • Please allow our Sales Representative / Agent to keep their stock up to date and current, so to ensure your product can carry a warranty with your patient, but please note that our warranty will only be valid for 1-year from date of sale to your practice, NOT your patient.

  • The practice must specify and accurately ascertain what is damaged. Should the frame simply need a replacement part, they must ONLY order the replacement part. Should a practice return an item that is repairable, please note that we will repair the frame and return it to the practice. No credits will be processed for frames that are repairable.

  • We will not arrange collection for any faulty items. You are welcome to return the items to us and should it be determined to be a factory fault, we will credit you the courier fees. However, should it be determined that the breakage is due to patient misuse or neglect; the courier fees will not be credited. You may return faulty stock with your sales representative; however, this will only be collected by the sales representative, if and when they are in the area. They cannot make a special collection for you.

Thank you for your continued support.

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