Be Iconic. Be Cazal.

Being different is in our DNA. Being different is what drives us.We bring the extra into the ordinary.
Define the indefinable, and celebrate the remarkable.

We love to question and reinvent everything.
Especially ourselves. Because that is the only way to achieve
our style: Lively, Iconic, Extroverted.

Our Heritage

Cari Zalloni 1937-2012

When passion for a product is reflected in the design, there is no-one like Cari Zalloni, whose eyewear designs became a cult in the 80s. He was a visionary who revolutionised eyewear design and created trends that were way ahead of their time, second to none. He crafted an extraordinary style that polarised opinions and has cast a spell over his fans to this day.

CAZAL defined the typical hip-hop look of the 80s like no other brand. Some of the legendary designs from that era are still trendsetting even now. Eyewear lovingly nicknamed “Cazzy” by its fans.

The creative genius of the charismatic designer Cari Zalloni carries on, even after his sudden death in 2012. Inspired by him, his design team will continue to create a collection that sets standards and immortalises his spirit.

Cari Zalloni Signature

Be Iconic.
Be Cazal.

Style is a world of
its own ...

…and everyone sees the world through different eyes. When a change of perspective becomes design, a statement becomes a certitude and a look becomes fashion, you have already arrived: in the world of the new campaign of CAZAL.

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