CAZAL is a luxury brand that does not succumb to conventions.
CAZAL is made for people who indulge in their style and let their personality unfolds. This is true luxury, and at CAZAL it is an irrevocable part of the brand identity.

Aside from the mainstream, CAZAL follow paths that create connections between past, present and future. The result: flamboyant eyewear models with a high recognition level. Often striking and always extraordinary. Whether for ladies or for gentlemen: CAZAL eyewear is stylishly composed and beguiles through character. It is statement eyewear, designed for people for whom individuality and extravagance are part of their life and who appreciate maximum quality.


CARI ZALLONI 1937-2012

CAZAL Eyewear is the lifetime achievement and legacy of Cari Zalloni. The success of the brand loved the world over by those who wear eyewear is due to his talent and his passion for eyewear – and his creative genius lives on the international Design Team advances the CAZAL identity and develops collections that set new standards and make his signature immortal. In doing so they commit themselves with the same passion and absolute implicitness to the values of the charismatic revolutionary: HERITAGE – the legacy of strong individuality and personality, DESIGN – details and maximalism, LUXURY – a question of attitude, and QUALITY – non-negotiable! are the immutable co-ordinates of CAZAL.




About The Collection

The CAZAL Collections are as unique as they are striking. Find the perfect model here to highlight your personality and imbue your individuality with a Statement Piece.

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