Credit Returns Policy

Dear Customer,

Herewith are the guideline of our credit returns policy. Please could you ensure that you and your team familiarize yourself with these guidelines so that credits can be processed quickly and effectively?

Credit Return Policy

  • Credit returns will only be accepted when returned with a completed RFC, which can only be generated via your Sales Representative / Agent. You have 4-months from date of purchase from Sightique Optic Supplies, to arrange a return of frames for credit through your Sightique Sales Representative / Agent. After the initial 4-month period, up until 1-year from date of purchase from Sightique Optic Supplies, only swops on a 2 for 1 basis will be accepted. Thereafter, no returns will be accepted.
  • To protect the integrity of our new discount structure, we will only exchange frames going forward.
  • The exchanges will be based on a two for one basis.
  • All goods that are exchanged out need to be returned in the original packaging and with a copy of the original invoice or at least the original invoice number, if not, the credit will not be processed.
  • No stock returns or credits will be accepted in lieu of payment on an outstanding account. Especially after our 4-month credit return period.
  • All exchanges need to be carried before the 1-year period from the original invoice date.
  • Frames that have been discontinued or moved to sellouts, may NOT be exchanged out after the 1-year exchange period. They will be returned to you or credited at the reduce sellout price.
  • Frames originally purchased as a Sellout will NOT be credited, repaired or exchanged.

Returns Procedure

  • All credits to be returned with a completed RFC form, which can only be generated via your Sightique Sales Representative / Agent, along with relevant invoices or invoice numbers. Should any credits be sent to our offices without a completed RFC form, the product WILL be returned to the customer, at the customer’s expense.
  • All returned goods must match up with their RFC form. All goods that are not listed on the RFC will be returned to the customer, at the customer’s expense.
  • Goods are to be returned in a sellable condition in ALL their original packaging.
  • All tags and adhesive residue are to be removed from the goods prior to their return to Sightique or a 20% handling fee will be charged.
  • Please make sure exchanges are arranged with the Representatives with a corresponding replacement order.
  • You may return stock with your sales representative; however, this will only be collected by the sales representative, if and when they are in the area. They cannot make a special collection for you.

Please be advised that cash refunds will not be made on goods returned to us for credit. The balance will remain on your account as a credit which can be utilized when purchasing new stock.

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