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About Sightique



From humble beginnings in 1992, Sightique Optic Supplies was established and has today become known as one of the most trusted distributors of frames and optical accessories to service a unique yet diverse niche market.

Sightique decided to concentrate the company’s resources on a market which very few companies had previously given a passing glance.


Sightique steered itself in a direction in which very few companies were willing to take a chance by providing top of the range products and lenses at affordable prices.


Sightique has made inroads with the product that had been specially designed and branded for the emerging stricken economic market.


However throughout the years, the company felt that it had a secure footing and a stable business to start forging new relationships with old existing customer bases within the South African market.


To date Sightique has managed to amass a customer base of +2000 stores nationwide, which only consisted of optical stores. Sightique did not supply pharmacies, sunglass boutiques or large retailers.


It specialized in optical stores only, in this way Sightique can offer products exclusively to the optical industry which was backed by a policy for highly specialised customer focus and excellence.


Eyewear is definitely a personal fashion and style accessory; we strive to bring our customers a vast variety of styles to satisfy individual wants at affordable prices.





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